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Bridgerule Parish Plan....


Click here to see the completed Bridgerule Parish Plan    Please allow a few seconds for it to load


What's it all about?

The government and Devon County Council have been encouraging rural communities to let them know how they would like their parishes to be run and what facilities they will require in the future

They were so keen to find out what we all want that they actually paid Bridgerule to create a Parish Plan, and if we hadn't done it they would have wanted the money back - so we obviously obliged!

A Parish Plan is an important document intended to set out and illustrate the wishes of the local population and then ensure these wishes are taken in to account in the future of their own communities

The finished document makes very interesting reading for all the people of Bridgerule. It shows we all like Bridgerule as it is and many of us don’t want change. It also shows that there are improvements needed and pinpoints areas where we need to take action.

Parish Plans are also of interest to the Police, Health, Education and Council services and they can be used to back up requests for funding and services in the future


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Planning and Development

Planning departments are increasingly being encouraged to refer to Parish Plans and Village Design Statements to ensure that developments are in line with local requirements

One of the most important action plans we will need to consider is a new document called a village design statement to ensure that we have our say in the future development of Bridgerule

Click here for more information on Village Design Statements from the Devon County Council website


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Local Input

The plan has to be based on the views of the local population and this is why the questionnaire was sent out to everyone in Bridgerule.

The questionnaire results have been independently analysed by Corporate Consultation Services, part of Devon County Council to ensure they accurately reflect the answers we received

The Parish Plan steering group have checked through the answers to ensure all the extra comments are taken in to account. They wanted the results to be available to everyone in the village as soon as possible so click the link below if you would like to see the full results

Click here if you would like to see the results of the questionnaire




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So what have we done so far?

The Bridgerule Buzz Newsletter, brilliantly edited by Sheila Cholwill, is now delivered to everyone in Bridgerule every 2 months. It is proving very popular and several people are already sponsoring and advertising in the Buzz so it looks like a winner already!

Chris and Rose Hitchins are organising regular Bridgerule Litterpicks to keep the village tidy.

The Questionnaire was designed by the Bridgerule Tomorrow steering group was distributed to and collected from everyone in Bridgerule.

Click here to see the interview we were asked to do for Devon County Councils Village Green Magazine

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What next?

The plan document was distributed to everyone in Bridgerule with the July 2010 edition of the Bridgerule Buzz

It consists of several general sections including "The location of Bridgerule", "Bridgerule Yesterday and Brigerule Today as well as details of why the project was undertaken in the first place

The main part is the "Bridgerule Tomorrow" plan for the future. We need to make sure that the things we all like are maintained as they are and put plans in place to back this up. We also need to identify the points that are of concern to the people of Bridgerule and set up action plans and maybe in some cases, action committees to address these concerns

It won't be easy but it will be interesting work and it could carry on for ever!

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